Tuesday, October 11, 2011

West Coast Travels

You would think that with all of the travel that I do during a normal work week (and then a normal weekend) that when we go on a trip, we might just relax a little bit...why in the world would we do that?! 

My view of  the world is that if we're somewhere, we should experience it to the fullest, otherwise we're just cheating ourselves (fortunately for us both, John generally agrees with this sentiment.) So, we saw wine country and the San Francisco area, to the fullest! 

A few photos to share: 

John has heard about In-N-Out Burgers, and thought that we needed to try them, right off the airplane, just outside of Sacramento! 

The next morning, we were greeted by the Pacific Ocean AND a Rainbow! What a neat first view of the Pacific coast! 

John was compelled to put his feet in the ocean--RIGHT THEN!  
(It was a quite nippy 40ish-50ish degrees in the air, so i passed)

We found sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf! 

We found Lombard Street and joined the line..

Super-fun to drive down! 

Golden Gate photo shoot before heading back to Wine Country

Thought we had a full day? Nope, we went on to Napa to join the family and ride the Napa Wine Train! 

The train was beautiful and the food was delicious! 

We started the next day with cinnamon buns worth photographing (too bad, I thought of it too late...) So, we headed to the Redwood forest, which was obviously quite impressive. Love the pic of the whole family! 

We headed back to Napa for some hands-on sampling, and were not disappointed! It was EXACTLY what we thought wine country would be...quaint, gorgeous, and full of wine! 

Gorgeous grapes, ready to be harvested! 

The main event: A Beautiful Wine Country Wedding! 

With the gorgeous bride and handsome groom! We love these two!! 

The whole family! 

It seemed like our trip ended quite abruptly from there... I'd love to tell you that we have "traveling home" photos, but a 4:30am alarm does not lend itself to pictures for the rest of the day!  I hope you enjoyed our mini-photo album. John and I both would recommend taking this trip. If you are considering it, absolutely do it! If you are not, add it to your list! if you want recs, we'd be happy to make a few! And if you want someone to join you on your trip, we'd be up for it--it is already on our "places to return" list.

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