Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"It's Not About You (Insert 'Me')"


Dr. Oakes, one of my English professors at Furman, posted this article that ran in the New York Times on May 31, and it really spoke to me. As a 2007 graduate of Furman University, I do not consider myself a "recent graduate," but parts of this article really resonated. 

I have been contemplating a blog for some time, but couldn't decide what it should be about. This article really seemed to be the catalyst for my idea. Life isn't always what you expect. Life isn't always what you plan for. This comes as a great shock and disappointment to a consummate planner like myself. But the point isn't that life hasn't worked out as I wanted it to (because many parts really have!)--the point is that no one should know EXACTLY what they want out of life at the infinitely knowledgeable age of 21. Life is about learning, growing, and experiencing. 

Whether it is about finding new challenges, ways to become a better person, learning more about myself and the people around me, or growing as a believer, life is full of turns in the road, and I'm happy to share those with you.